The Emirates Society of Ophthalmology issues a statement about the eye color change surgery

3rd December 2020

The Emirates Society of Ophthalmology states firlmly a warning about what is being circulated on social media about cosmetic eye color change with Laser or Artificial implants.

Such operations have been approved by the Food and Drug Authority globally only to treat certain cases like eyes after injury or to improve the cosmetic appearance on patients born with absent iris (colored part of the eye).

Doing such procedures in (Normal eyes) as cosmetic procedure is associated with very high complications rate that might lead to severe vision loss.

The association emphasizes that such advertisements through social media platforms or marketing them as a cosmetic procedure are inconsistent with the norm and ethics of the medical profession.

Also, marketing it as a quick cosmetic procedure in the absence of any medical reason is a misleading to the public and advice to seek consultations only from specialised ophthalmologists in this field.