MOU Collaboration between Special Olympics UAE & ESO

8th March 2020
The MoU, signed by Mr. Talal Al Hashimi, SO UAE - executive director of Special Olympics UAE, and Dr. Saleh AlMessabi, ESO President. The MOU’s goal is to promoting the uptake of sports within the community of the UAE and jointly supports the development of inclusive Sport opportunities for the athletes. Dr. Saleh AlMessabi, President of ESO said: “We are delighted to work closely with Special Olympics UAE. Healthy eyes and vision are extremely important for optimum sports performance. ESO is dedicated to provide quality eye care for all the people in the UAE and particularly for those who are competing as Special Olympics athletes, by forging closer links with the industry and providing support to these partnerships. Dr. Maysoun AlKaram, ESO Cultural Committee Chairperson said:” the vision and the strategy of Specials Olympics UAE are aligned with the vision of the ESO, which help to provide the community with the best eye care. Eyesight plays a huge factor in the overall athletic performance. Ophthalmologist and other eye care professionals who volunteer to participate to deliver the basic eye screening which reveal any vision problems that could be hindering the athlete performance. If a problem is discovered, they will recommend on the treatment and referrals through partners and network of clinics or hospitals.